What Is a VReaderâ„¢?

A VReader™ (or V-Reader™) is a virtual reality (VR) system, or software running on a virtual reality system, that allows you to experience reading in a VR environment.

Consumer-level Virtual Reality (VR) products are now coming on the market. Systems such as Google Cardboard (actually made from cardboard) and Oculus Rift (now owned by Facebook) are gradually making their way into the hands of thousands of VR enthusiasts and early adopters.

As VR becomes more popular, we’ll spend more time in virtual worlds, doing many of the things we enjoy in the “real world.” For many of us, reading is one of our favorite activities, so it will only be natural that we’ll want to take advantage of the immersive capabilities of VR while reading.

The VReading™ system and software is currently in development. But, if you’re interested in staying up to date on our progress, send an email to info@VReader.org and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch!